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Stay focused on safe driving during Thanksgiving travels

Many Missourians will soon be off to see friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday. For those doing their Thanksgiving travel by car, among the things they might be quite concerned about is how long their trip will be and how best to ensure they arrive at their destination at the time they want to. In the midst of such concerns, it is important for drivers to remember what is most important when it comes to holiday auto travel, and any type of car travel for that matter: getting to your destination safely.

Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend can be a pretty auto-accident-heavy time of the year. Last year, here in Missouri, the auto-accident-related injury/death rate over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend was one injury or death per every 12.6 minutes. Eighteen people lost their lives in Thanksgiving weekend traffic accidents in the state that year. Car accident lawyers can provide legal help to individuals harmed in holiday weekend accidents.

Hiring negligence by truck companies can lead to tragedy

In any industry, the quality of the employees a company hires can matter greatly. However, in some industries, what types of employees a company brings in can not only have an impact on the company, but also impact the safety of others. The trucking industry is one such industry.

How safe of drivers the truck drivers a truck company hires are can greatly impact how likely the company's trucks are to be involved in accidents. Both the injury count and injury severity of truck crashes can be high.

NHTSA comes out in favor of seat belts for large school buses

Most vehicles out on the roads have seat belts for passengers. However, in most states, one class of vehicle that often does not have such seat belts are large school buses. There is no federal law requiring passenger seat belts for large school buses (buses over 10,000 pounds) and only six states have laws making seat belts mandatory for such buses. Missouri is not one of the six states that has such a law.

One question that is a source of debate is: Should things be changed so that all large school buses have passenger seat belts?

Driver carelessness in work zones can lead to serious accidents

The roads can be a rather unpredictable place. Certain areas out on the roads can be even more prone to unpredictability than is typical. One such area are work zones.

There can be all sorts of things to react to in a work zone: workers being present near or on the road, construction equipment being on or near the road, a road's shoulders disappearing, a lane shutdown, uneven pavement, significantly slowed traffic, etc. Thus, you never know quite what to expect when driving in a construction zone. Consequently, when in a work zone, it is very important for drivers to not engage in conduct that could cut down on their ability to react to things they encounter in the work zone.

Are nursing homes being careless in their antibiotic use?

One thing that can have a very big impact on the health and quality of life of a nursing home resident is the quality of the care they receive at the home. Thus, it is vital for nursing homes and their staff members to act properly in all aspects of resident care. This includes the prescribing of medications to residents.

There are a variety of different types of medications commonly prescribed at nursing homes. One type of medication that is very common at nursing homes are antibiotics. Researchers have indicated that the percentage of nursing home residents who are given at least one antibiotic treatment course a year may be as high as 70 percent.

Hands-free systems in cars and lingering mental distraction

One of the types of distractions a driver can experience is mental distraction. This is when a driver's mind isn't fully focused on driving. Such a lack of focus can create some big problems. It could cause a driver to not be able to react to what's going on out on the road as quickly as they should, which could result in major traffic accidents. Thus, it is extremely important to avoid mental distraction while driving.

People might assume that, when a driver performs a distracting task while driving, like making a phone call, they are only distracted while performing the task. But, mental distraction has the potential to linger after a distracting task has been performed.

High school football fatalities put programs at risk p2

A Texas high school football player died last weekend. He collapsed before halftime at a Friday night game and died soon after at the hospital. According to Fox News, the family was told that an aneurysm was the cause of death and, in the doctor's opinion, the aneurysm may not have been related to football. The boy was 16 years old.

The tragedy forces us to amend what we wrote in our Oct. 12 post. So far this season, six, not five, high school football players have died.

High school football fatalities put programs at risk

Are the benefits of high school sports worth the risk to the players? One Missouri school board didn't think so. The board axed the district's high school football program in June, in part because of dwindling interest among students, and in part because three players suffered serious injuries last season.

While the town is not alone in its shift away from football, the move did not lead to a nationwide ban on the game or a large number of school boards considering the option. That could change soon, though: According to CNN, as of Oct. 10, five high school players had died since the beginning of the season.

Missouri girl, 3, survives drowning in swimming pool

All too often, stories of children getting into accidents in swimming pools end in tragedy. So it with relief that we share the story of a 3-year-old Missouri girl who survived a scary drowning incident this summer.

According to, the girl was at a party with her friends this past July when she went into a swimming pool. Nobody noticed that she had slipped under the water until her mother noticed the girl's foot underneath a raft.

Brain injuries are problematic in football, but not just football

Brain injuries are serious and life changing. Traumatic brain injuries can physical harm involving a person’s development, memory, speech and many other body systems and functions. In many cases, the harm goes beyond physical symptoms to behavioral changes that alter who people are at their core.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is caused by serious or repeated trauma to the head. Horrific incidents, particularly suicides, involving professional football players brought attention to CTE. After research studies and a widely publicized lawsuit, much of the focus remains on football safety, but should we broaden the scope?