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1. Doctor Drills into Spinal Column Resulting in Paralysis: A back surgeon in Boone County, Missouri was using a high speed drill on a 62 year old man. He negligently pierced the covering of the spinal cord leaving our client with partial lower extremity paralysis and other nerve dysfunction. He could only walk a short distance without assistance. The case was tried to a jury and resulted in the largest medical malpractice verdict in the county and the second largest verdict in the history of that county, $770,000.

2. Death From Massive Blood Loss Which Destroys Organs: Our client's father, an elderly, retired cattle rancher, suffered an abdominal injury, which required surgery. During surgery, massive amounts of blood were lost, eventually depriving the patient of so much blood as to destroy his major internal organs. He eventually died. Case was settled for $505,000.

3. Delayed Surgery For Aneurysm Resulting in Loss of Leg: An elderly gentleman went to the emergency room with a recent history of severe lower leg pain. Although he was properly diagnosed in the emergency room with an aneurysm in his lower leg, surgery was delayed beyond the point required to restore blood flow to the leg. His leg was eventually amputated. Case was settled for $362,000.

4. Misread Test Causes Death From Intracranial Bleeding: A Topeka woman in her mid-30s went to the hospital after suffering from severe headaches. She was discharged home but returned to the hospital the next day again complaining of severe headaches. A CAT scan was performed which showed an obvious intracranial aneurysm. However, the neuroradiologist misread the CAT scan and the patient was discharged again. She ultimately died from her intracranial bleed. Confidential Settlement.

5. Doctor Wraps Toddler's Finger Too Tightly: Our 17 month old client was at a babysitter's house when her right middle finger was smashed in a door. She was taken to a hospital where she received sutures and a cast. During the night, the toddler was able to pull the cast off of her finger. They returned to the hospital the following day where another doctor wrapped "tube gauze" tightly around her finger. The parents were advised not to remove the dressing. When they next visited the doctor to check the finger, the finger was black from necrosis. Eventually, the finger required amputation. Confidential Settlement.

6. Woman suffered horrific blood loss and sepsis following failed bariatric surgery against a major teaching hospital. Obese woman sought weight-loss surgery. After completion of surgery, surgeon left town leaving patient's care in hands of residents who failed to diagnose rupture of bowel at site of surgery. Bowel contents and bleeding resulted in sepsis. Patient spent the next 12 months in hospitals. She lived a few years following her ultimate discharge from the hospital, but eventually succumbed to her injuries and died. Confidential Settlement.

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